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Severe weather strikes Florida

The Deep South and the Southeast have seen powerful storms and tornadoes over the last week. By Sunday, the severe weather will slide along the Gulf Coast into Florida. In the Sunshine State, powerful thunderstorms will be accompanied by hail, with the potential to cause damage to vehicles. A damp weather system will move south from Canada into the Midwest and the Northeast.

The Plains are forecast to see showers in the north and cool air moving into Kansas and Missouri. Warm temperatures have held a firm grip on conditions in the Deep South and the Southwest for the last few days, with these conditions continuing through the weekend. The Weather Channel forecasts storms and the potential for large hail in Florida. The severe weather in the Southeast will move into Florida and cause powerful storms. The risk of tornadoes will be low, but hail will have the potential to cause damage to vehicles. Afternoon temperatures will reach 76 in Tampa as pop-up afternoon storms move through the state.

The severe weather will cause issues from the Florida Keys to the northern portion of the state. To the north of the band of severe weather, an area of rain will spread into Georgia, with Atlanta seeing sunny spells and a high temperature of 74. In the Southeast and the Mid-Atlantic, the majority of locations will remain dry and clear. A band of rain and pop-up afternoon storms will move into the Midwest and spread east across the Great Lakes.

The showers will move east from Minnesota, with Duluth forecast to see sunny spells and a high of 47. The damp weather system is forecast to move through Wisconsin and Illinois. The rain will spread through the Great Lakes into the Ohio River Valley and strike portions of the Northeast.

The showers will cut a swath through New York State and Pennsylvania, with the afternoon high reaching 73 in a stormy Philadelphia. The Central and Northern Plains will fall by around ten degrees from Saturday into Sunday. Denver, Colorado will fall from 69 on Saturday to 57 on Sunday, with showers possible in the Northern Plains.

The forecast for the Deep South and the Southwest will continue the warm temperatures felt over the last few days. In Texas, the afternoon high will reach 86 in Houston as the warm air remains over the Southwest.

California is forecast to remain warm, with highs of 72 in Los Angeles and 63 in San Francisco. Monday will begin with a band of damp air moving south from Canada into the Northern Plains.

The cool temperatures in the north will bring snow to North Dakota and Minnesota. A mix of rain ad sunny spells will be seen from the Midwest to the Northeast as the afternoon highs stall in the low-50s in New York State.

The Southeast will stay warm and sunny, with the afternoon highs in Florida and Georgia reaching the 80s. Pop-up storms are forecast in Texas and throughout the Deep South as temperatures climb into the upper-80s.

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